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Cosplay Kat

10 / 03 / 2017

About Me


Hi, I’m Kat! I started doing Cosplay back in 2013 but did not seriously take it up until 2015 when I discovered how much I loved making things. I’ve always been a huge art nerd and an avid gamer, but I didn’t find my love for designing and making costumes until I attended my first convention; I had NO IDEA this hobby even existed having grown up in a very small town and only moving into the city after graduating from high school. Then, I went to my first convention and everything changed! –suspense-

I am a very detail oriented crafter to the point of sometimes driving myself insane to strive for perfection. My main obsessions when it comes to characters I like to make are characters from the Witcher (mostly Yennefer), and The Legend of Zelda, but I’m always looking for the next challenge.


What Cosplay Is to Me


To me, cosplay is the ultimate creative outlet. I get to combine every form of art I have ever learned into one massive conglomeration of nerdy awesome-ness to the result of me actually getting to become the characters that I love for a short amount of time. Cosplay is making beautiful, wearable pieces of art; you find appreciation in design that you may have never had before. You get to challenge yourself by learning new skills and techniques with every project.    To top it all off, there’s this fantastic community that is also making amazing pieces of costume art and through that community, I have met some of my very best friends who I am always collaborating with. I did not feel like I quite belonged anywhere until I started making things, and now when I go to a convention or photoshoot and get to geek out with everyone, I feel like I am at home.

What better way to express love for a character then to BECOME that character? <3


Some Advice 


First, Cosplay is not a competition. It is not about being the best or looking the most like a character. It is about fun and being a nerd and creating art. Don’t stress yourself out over someone else being more popular! They probably worked just as hard as you for that notice. Besides, we’re all doing our best and if you feel like you are not, work harder!

Second, take your time with your work. Costumes are expensive to make and they can truly stress you out. Set reasonable deadlines for yourself and do not procrastinate. Come up with a plan, and stick with it! I guarantee that if you don’t rush on a costume, it will come out more like you want it to, and there will be less for you to go back and fix later.

Lastly, Keep it Fun!!! Make things that YOU love despite what other people might think of you. You aren’t doing this for them! You’re doing this for yourself! Obviously, there will be projects that you do with friends, but for the most part, this is YOUR art. Love your work and love yourself, because at the end of the day, you are the one who is making it happen. You are the one making the beautiful things that you love.


I hope you guys liked what I had to say! If you would like to check out my work, please visit my two main pages and say hello!  


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