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FD Shop - Alva the Wanderer Armor Set

09 / 02 / 2017

To this day, troubadours sing of tales of the Wandering knight Alva and his travels, and of his involvement with the saint and the witch. Needless to say, the songs traditionally end in tragedy...
Our team is not afraid the difficulties and resolutely set about creating armor for the Alva the Wanderer cosplay from Dark Souls. This set includes many parts which required thorough work. Shield was created by the concept-art submitted for the contest to Dark Soul 2 and deserves special attention.
For this cosplay were made: sword, shield, hood, gloves, quilted jacket, cloth bracers, pants, skirt kit on the leg, belt bags and a water bottle, placart, back, vambraces, pauldron, couters, poleyns, greaves.
And for its creation were used the most different materials, such as: PVC, glass fibers for strengthening, twill, cotton, leatherette etc.
More info you can find in social networks.
Cosplayer – Evgenij Filippov 
Photographer – Panda Photo